Switching XP to my new computer(same hard drive)

Hi I'm upgrading my entire computer except for my good old XP operating system. I'm planning on using the harddrive from my old computer as well as a new hard drive for additional space. I heard somewhere that when updating your computer to a different number of cores you need to re install Windows. I've only heard that from the one source so im not sure if this is true. so my basic question is: To switch computers but keep the same operating system are there any extra steps I should take?

Also as a side note I plan on updating to Windows 7 in the future is there any sort of upgrade discount I can get for having XP?

Thanks in advance
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  1. You will need to back up all your files and perform a new install of XP.

    I do not think there are any Windows 7upgrade deals now that Windows 8 is on the horizon. . .
  2. would "a new install" require xp disks? Because my original computer came with xp pre installed and i think they have been lost
  3. OK, that changes things. If XP was preinstalled it is likely an OEM version, and an OEM version cannot be transferred to new hardware.
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