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Hi guys,

I'm looking at gettign a better graphic card then the on I already have (PCI-e X1950pro). I'm looking at upto about £80, what would u recomend?
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  1. ATI HD 4850 1GB, see if your power supply supports it...
  2. Yeah should be fine got a Hyper TypeP 580W. Is there any good websites for getting cheap graphic cards?
  3. Newegg.com, definitely.
  4. well, you're in europ, don't think you can use Newegg, don't know what vendors reside in europ...
  5. I think i,m gonna go for the 4870. think i should be able to get it for that price. maybe used too.
  6. 4870 is also a nice option if you can get it for that price, what resolution are you gaming at?
  7. Not a clue really dont really know the specific stuff on graphic settings. Like which setting are best i.e AA etc. I got a 19" monitor if that helps lol
  8. 19 inch monitor most likely only supports a 1280 x 1024 resolution. If you do not plan on getting a bigger monitor, then i would not suggest getting a 4870 as it would be overkill for the current monitor you have. If you are planning on getting a 22-inch or higher monitor, then go with the 4870, if not, stick with the 4850 and save some money...
  9. ohh really didnt know monitor size mattered. So if i got a 4850 i could run it all on max say MW2 and bad company 2?
  10. on a 1280 x 1024 resolution, yes, most definately, that is depending on the CPU yyou have. What mind of processor do you have and what kind of power supply do you have as well? You need at least a 400-watt power supply to handle the 4850.
  11. I have a AMD 6000+ Dual core, 4Gb (2x2Gb) Geil RAM (5-5-5-15), Hyper Typer 580W if that helps :D
  12. U R CPU bound.
  13. your CPU is ok to handle the 4850 no problem, it may be a small bottleneck for the 4870, but unless you get a bigger monitor with a higher resolution than 1650 x 1280, get the 4850. Your power supply is good enough to handle either.
  14. so if i got the 4850 512mb. Who would be the best manufatures or version (XFX,Saphire, toxic, etc)or doesnt it matter? Am i just looking for an overclock GPU speed if i can? Also If i didnt want it to be too loud if this swings the verdict :)

  15. I usually go with Sapphire, not had one issue yet, don't get an OC version, just OC it yourself with the Catalyst Control Center OC tool. the 4850 is pretty quiet even at 100% fan speed. My 5870 is louder @ 50% fan speed than the 4850 @ 100% fan speed.
  16. I'm looking at playing BFBC2. So as it stands get the 4850 as I wont see any noticable diference with a 4870 because of my resolution. UNLESS I plan on getting a 22' monitor or bigger. Correct? Where does the 512mb to 1gb cards come in? my friend says there is no point in the 1Gb card....true?
  17. well, the 1GB card is better for resolutions of 1900 x 1600 or more, it helps with AA and such. But yeah, stick with the 4850 unless you're going higher than a 22 inch monitor with 1680 x 1250 or more...
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