ASUS P6T not recognising all memory

Hi I have my ASUS P6T acting erratically and not recognising my 6GB memory, only showing 2GB in windows, sometimes it does show 6GB but most times when I reboot it shows 2.

I downloaded CPU-Z and if I am not mistaken it is showing 6GB in the stats, screenshots attached. What can I do to solve this?
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  1. Hello
    Try updating your BIOS and see if it helps.
  2. :sarcastic: i asume your BIOS sees all the 6 gb at post?

    cold it be you have set memory in msconfig >startup>advanced settings

    is it a fresh install and is it behaving like this from the start?
  3. no BIOS sees only 2GB at post
  4. Tried changing the voltages but no help. It's funny but what I found is that when I pull out one memory stick and restart the PC sees 4GB, then I shutdown again, insert the one I had pulled out in the same position as it was before, and voila I get 6GB. But I have to repeat this process every time. At 6GB once I shut down and start again I will only get shown 2GB and have to repeat the pulling out and putting back in process again. Pretty strange stuff, anyone seen this before ?
  5. did u ever find a solve because I have the exact same thing going on and do not know how to fix it????
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