Hard drive history question.

I'm curious does anyone still know why hard drive manufacturers stopped making 5.25in hard drives? Also lets say I have 3.5in 2TB hard drive using 4 platters assuming everything else is the same how much would the same hard drive hold if it was 5.25 form factor?
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  1. 2TB across 4 platters => .5 TB per platter
    Area of one 3.5" platter => 38.48 in^2
    Areal density => 0.01299224 TB/in^2

    Area of one 5.25" platter => 86.59 in^2
    Storage capacity per platter => 1.125 TB
    HDD capacity => 4.5 TB
  2. Neat any idea why they stopped making them?
  3. 'Cos the worlds getting smaller.
    They save more material as the platters get denser and denser. Plus the form factor is more towards cramping more HDDs into a single container for easier transport and bigger volume. Small is beautiful, economical, etc etc... the reasons are too many.
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