Overclocking i7-3770K to 4.2GHz, what cooler should I use?

Hi, I have been planning out my next PC build, and I plan on overclocking an i7-3770K to 4.2GHz. I am not sure however, on selecting the cooler, what specs to look for. The most important things to me is that the cooler is quiet, and keeps the temps of the CPU way down. I found the following so far, because they seem really popular:


COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus

I was wondering if I should go for one of those? And the cooler fitting in my case is really no concern as I have a huge case to put all of my components in. And my budget would ideally be under $50, but if there is a substantial reason I think my absolute max is approx $75 I want to spend on the cooler.

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  1. The 212 plus is good.
  2. Either would be OK.

    Of the two, I would favor the hyper212.
    The 92mm fans on the hyperN might get loud.

    About the best, at the top of your budget would be the Noctua NH-D14
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