NTFS.sys bluescreen, followed by no OS found

Hello everyone, apologies if this in in the wrong section but i'm still new here

I've run into a problem that i can't seem to rectify and i've tried quite a lot of stuff so far, but here is the explanation in the hopes that you guys will be able to save my precious documents

I was watching The Office on DVD with my laptop today when suddenly a blue screen error occurred. I read that it said something about NTFS.sys but i closed my laptop down because i thought that it would just disappear. However, instead of booting back into windows, it ran the built in windows recovery. I thought it may just need a quick startup repair scan or something so i proceeded, but to my surprise there was no OS listed where you select it. So i restarted after unplugging all of my USB's and HDMI etc but the problem persisted, no OS found. Then i tried to go into the CMD on my recovery disc (instead of the partitioned one) and tried DISKPART to see if the disk would show, but it wasn't even in there!
I have also noticed that when shutting down, my hard drive makes a loud clicking noise, and after about 10 seconds an audible spin down noise which i dont think i've noticed before.
I assumed it was a physical malfunction of some kind so ran RIPLinux and DDRescue, TestDisk and Photorec to see if i could save my files, however when running DDRescue, i realised that i couldnt make clone because my External HDD is full. Then when i looked to chop the files separately with TestDisk, specifically in my User files, the HDD make a loud clicking sound and the blue indicator light turned off. The HDD was then un-mountable until i restarted

Now, i'm still trying to fiddle around with chkdsk and sfc scans but both are failing because, 1) i don't know if the HDD is even mounted in the recovery environment, 2) I'm getting shed loads of errors that aren't the slightest bit helpful to me as it seems i'm the only one to ever get these errors after searching google all night.

And now i'm extremely tired and i'm desperate to get my files back. I have a lot of University work that needs to be handed in soon, as well as a portfolio i need for job interview on Monday.
I'm begging for anyone to come forward and help me out and if you need any more information, i'll try my very best to get it for you\

Many thanks in advance
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  1. The heads are probably hitting the platters the drive is dead. Short of putting the platters into a new drive which is extremely expensive the data is lost.
  2. There was little life left in the drive when you started hearing the clicking sounds itself.
    Logic should have ruled, you should have removed the HDD from the laptop and put it into an external USB enclosure and tried to salvage whatever you could from the drive in it's dying moments. Although this may not be a bad try now either but it is your last resort, other than giving up on the data that was on the HDD you may barely have any other cheaper options.
  3. Thanks for the prompt replies guys, albeit kind of depressing ones!
    The hard drive is now in my spare laptop and I managed to get ddrescue to run in reverse. Also the log file is working by skipping the bits that make the drive cut out so hope is not lost!
    Also are there any cheap places that can do a platter swap? I'm trying to see if my university will fund it
    I do really appreciate the replies, as last time I posted here I got no help at all
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