Quad core in an 800fsb motherboard

Hello I have a T7500 in my laptop's motherboard right now. And now that I have gotten into AutoCAD and rendering I want to purchase a quad core cpu. The TDP is only 10w higher than my T7500 and the quad is 45nm and my thinkpad is none for cooling so cooling will not be an issue. Price will also not be an issue. What I worry might be an issue is the fact that the quad has a 1066mhz fsb and the t7500 I have now is a 800mhz fsb. If I install it will the fsb auto de-clock to 800mhz?

Here is the processor I am considering:

Here is some cpu-z data:

chipset: Intel PM965 Rev: C0
southbridge: Intel 82801HBM (ICH8-M)
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  1. Laptops are generally not very upgradeable. We need the model of the laptop to see if you can even change the CPU. If price is truly not an issue and you need max performance buy a new one with an i7.
  2. It's a Lenovo T61p and yes I know you can change the proc. Well I meant I don't have a budget when it comes to processors which would be around $400 I don't have $2000 to spend on an i7 laptop.
  3. Ok I have to say after searching..........I am just not sure but maybe. There are a bunch of submodels and it will only work with some of them.
    Found this hopefully it will help: http://forum.notebookreview.com/lenovo-ibm/206675-penryn-available-t61-t61p-64-88-motherboard.html

    If you have one of those models I think you are ok. You might contact Lenovo directly and make sure though. Sorry I could not help more. Maybe try reposting this in the laptop section of the forums.
  4. awesome man I have a 64 board so I should be good.... thanks!
  5. just wondering the TDP difference of 10w wont really matter right?
  6. No that should not matter. Just make sure you have the latest BIOS before you start the upgrade. Good luck....I hate working on laptops lol.
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