Hello, i have NVIDIA nForce 590 SLIa foxconn c51xem2aa motherboard and i am getting FF post code on the board what i need to know is WHAT to replace ie motherboard graphics cards nvidia 8600gts x 2 0r power supply any help please
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  1. FF code means the POST was successful and the hardware is ready to boot into the operating system. It is a good code and indicates there were no hardware problems in POST.
  2. thanks for the quick reply treefrog07 my screen is corrupted so i assumed that that the video cards were not working or were not getting power supplied to them i have been working on the problem for 2 days now but i know nothing about coputing thought i would try to fix it myself before buying another alienware its only 2 years old and cost £1500 any other ideas ?? it seems to corrupt when i install the drivers 2x 8600 gts
    cheers for any more help
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