hello everyone,
i bought the components and am doing the assembly. i have built many systems in the past so i'm not a neophyte but not an expert either.
my question is in regards to the dual graphics cards. there are two cable connectors on top of the radeon hd 6870 crossfire cards and one connector in each box labeled "crossfire". do i hook both of them up? the installation instruction picture seems to show only one. there is also a cable labeled "SLI" but i don't see a corresponding connector on the cards or anywhere else on the card. is that cable unnecessary? i also purchased two solid state intel 160mb hard drives. will i get a noticeable performance improvement if i use a stripeing raid configuration or should i use them as seperate drives. correct me if i'm wrong but my understanding is that redundancy is unnecessary because the solid state drives are practicully bulletproof.
thanks in advance for any help.
i would also like to thank everyone involved in this site because it is the most enjoyable and knowledgable site i have ever had the good fortune of discovering on the net.
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  1. one connector labeled "crossfire" is required as long as it only has 2 slots. "SLI" is Nvidia not ATI so it is unnecessary. as far as the raid goes you would only get a noticeable performance if you were copying files to another set of those drives in raid so I wouldn't bother. Most spinning platter drives get 70-90 mbs if the page file is off so you wouldn't get better speed sending files to your storage drives.
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