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So recently bought a TB western digital caviar black and i saw something on the package about advanced format. To my knowledge caviar black drives dont require or support advanced format. I just went ahead and cloned my previous drive with acronis is this ok? Do i need to worry about advanced format for this drive? or just disregard?
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  1. Actually you do need to worry since it's a large capacity drive but only if the alignment is not properly done.
    I know this is a standard HDD, but, download AS SSD Benchmark from this site
    Open it and check the left topmost square where it displays the Drive and it's status
    It's something like this
    HDD Maker
    Firmware Version
    msahci - ok
    1024 - ok
    xxxx GB

    Depending on your BIOS settings for AHCI or IDE, that ought to be ok and the 1024 Ok should be ok in green, if the disc has not been aligned properly then the 1024 will be replaced by some number and be in red and not ok.

    This can be corrected using the paragon alignment tool and is pretty simple and free.

    Check it and see if it's fine or else follow the paragon alignment instructions to get it right.
    I wouldn't worry too much about it, but , it certainly does effect speed and data credibility, something a HDD is all about.
  2. It says
    nvstor64: ok
    103424: Ok

    i assume this is all good then?
  3. Yup, it's all ok.... :)
    You don't need to worry about it.
  4. cool thanks that was easy :) i coulnt figure out the german site so i just got it from techworld haha thanks though :)
  5. Oh come on, the first page, left hand side Downloads, and on that page it's the first.
    Or even on the first page itself 4th row... clear as life...
  6. see i got there i got to downloads and it said scroll down to download and i couldnt find it guess im just blind.
  7. If you used WD's acronis clone tool, then it should be good. Windows 7 format also makes the proper alignment.
  8. tatter_punch said:
    see i got there i got to downloads and it said scroll down to download and i couldnt find it guess im just blind.

    Scroll down to download.... English Support
    New page ....
    Below the first post right after the List of donations received from
    "Download Here"
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