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Hey there, just wondering which one you guys like most, obviously no wrong answers :P I'm leaning more on the Tharsis Red or the Extinction Green. Really hard to decide since they all look really awesome :P

Here's a link to the page:

and a list of all the colours:
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  1. do you know the req's before adding that stuff to your loop?
  2. Yes please make sure you meet all the requirements on the checklist for correct flow!!!. This stuff is made for show cases and not really designed for a real set up for cooling, however it can and will do a fine job as long as you it wont back up in your system. Make sure you know how to take apart all your blocks to clean them out every few weeks. you also will wanna remove any flow meters you have in the system because they block flow with aurora also.
  3. oh yeah red is always my fav with Aurora. But Always blue-uv for normal loops. and white for mayhem pastels.
  4. ^ before I agree with your post, Mayhem suggests using tube res' if and when you'll run his dyes.Bay res' are a big no no. plus the temps will be higher than a distill only loop.

    colored tubing or no dyes thas the deal. Well if you know what you're doing then go ahead and pay no heed to what I just said.
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