At boot up system will power up but makes long steady beeping sound maybe for like a minute but not the same as what you would get with memory will stop for like 15 sec.then starts beeping a gen was fine up and running and just shut off.nothing was ever done to this computer
1 year old HP Intel Pentium Dual core
replaced power supply
no change
replaced memory no change
added a video card no change
no signs of any problems on the board
Note there's no beep code that matches my problem it starts beeping as soon as you push the power button for 15 sec then stops for like 8 10 sec then repeats
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  1. I would try hp or compaq online live tech support. They were very helpful and didn't charge me for the service.
  2. HP Beep codes -

    Please examine ALL beep codes and post back your findings.

    [X]{Beep codes for Award BIOS}
    Continuous beeping without pause Serious system related problem such as CPU overheating

    If this is indeed true then open the case, turn-on, and carefully look if the CPU Fan is spinning if not shut-down and replace the CPU Fan and/or heatsink assembly. You MUST clean the old thermal paste-off and use cotton swabs and moisten the swab with rubbing/Isopropyl alcohol, apply a thin layer of thermal paste and install the new CPU cooler.

    Good Luck!
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