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I currently have vista 64bit and was looking into DirectX 11 offered on WIndows 7 and thought I'd get my system switched around to support DirectX 11. The only thing is i need some suggestions on what parts would be suit me and my system. I currently have a GTX 295 which i know isn't compatible with DX11, so i probably would just sell it and get a card from ATI that does support DX11. Now here's the main concern i have, i dont want to trade off my 295 with something that has DX11 support but not as powerful as the 295 with two cores; any suggestions?

System Specs:
nForce 780i SLI mobo.
Ultra X3 PSU
Core 2 Quad Q6600 @3.2Ghz
Nvidia GTX 295

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. A 5870 is a little slower than the 295, but not on all games. It's cheaper than a 295 too.

    But if you are really looking for better performance than what your 295 has, then that leaves you with a dual-GPU setup, which is the 5970.

    Given your CPU, you might not see a large performance change, as your CPU may be holding you back already.

    What resolution do you use?
  2. Yeah, an HD5870 is slightly slower at stock but can be OCed to outperform the GTX 295. It also uses MUCH less power and gives off much less heat besides supporting DX11 and won't have any SLI scaling/compatibility issues either. You can also probably buy one new for what you can get for the 295 used.
    Or you could go for an HD5970 if you have the money I guess.
  3. I say wait till there are actually some DX11 games that provide a compelling reason to ditch your DX10 card. If you want to go DX11 now though then you may want to wait for the 5870 lightning edition. That monster needs two 8-pin connectors and who knows how far it will overclock. Well, that or go for a Radeon 5970.
  4. That is a really good card already. I'd say wait until (a) a DX11 game you really wants comes out or (b) buy a 5970 or (c) wait for the GTX480/470.
  5. EXT64 said:
    I'd say wait until (a) a DX11 game you really wants comes out

    The new Stalker just came out in the US and BF:BC2 and Alien vs Predator will be out shortly so that may be why he is asking.
  6. Well i am really interested in the New bf:bc2 and i from what i've seen in benchmarks; DX11 really looks significantly better then DX10; unlike DX10 compared to DX9. SO is the 5970 the only GPU with 2 cores? I know some of you said i could overclock the 5870 to the same speeds as my GTX 295, but isnt the 5870 only running with 1 core?

    And I am running at 2560x1600 resolution.
  7. You are correct on the core count, and with that resolution, the 5970 would definately be a nice upgrade.
  8. GPUs don't have "cores" in the same way CPUs do so it shouldn't be thought of that way. In some ways each shader unit is it's own core and there are hundreds on each card. In general just look at performance. If you can get the same performance from a single GPU card/setup then that is superior to a 2 card/GPU setup as there will be no crossfire/SLI scaling/compatibility issues, generally less power/heat and less redundant parts to be defective/go bad.
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