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I have this computer collecting dust right now. Is this upgradeable? Is it worth it? Any recommendations? Thanks!

CAS: X-BLADE Mid-Tower 450W
CPU: (939-pin) AMD ATHLON(TM)64 3200+ CPU w/ HyperTransport Technology
VIDEO: NVIDIA Geforce 6200 Graphics with TurboCache supporting 256MB 16X PCI Express VIDEO CARD
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    No, it's 939. Might make a nice little NAS though.
  2. Sorry about the double post, thought the first one hadn't posted. Thanks,
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  4. You may be able to upgrade the video card but that "939-pin" is outdated - you should start from scratch if you have the money. Otherwise, search around NewEgg - they carry PCIe 1.0 x 16 video cards still.
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