How much should I sell my Phenom II x4 810 Retail CPU for?

I bought it from on 8/27/2009. So the CPU is allmost a year old. So I am wanting to upgrade to the newer Phenom II x6 1055T in a month or so. So with it being allmost a year old now much due yall think I should sell it for. Also the stack fan was never used I was using an ASUS Triton 77 CPU cooler on the 810 with a high CFM 80MM fan from Thermaltake. So any and all info will be a blessing. Thanks.
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    $100 give or take $10
  2. Ill give you $15.00
  3. Sell it for as much as you would pay for the same processor if you were in the market for it. BTW, there is a forum for selling things.
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