Overclocking Stress test errors

Hey guys I have an amd fx 8120 8 core 3.1 mhz processor, I'm cooling it with the corsair hydro h80. and I have the asrock 990fx extreme 3 mother board.

So I come to you smarter people with concerns, I am new to overclocking, and was doing reading and video watching and was like I suppose I could give it a try now.

I saw someone got theirs stable at multiplier of 21 bus at 200 and voltage at 1.37, I did this, and I have been running a prime95 test on it. nothing has crashed yet which is a good sign but on my prime95 test its say for 3 of the cores now i have "possible hardware errors have occurred during the test! 1 ROUNDOFF > 0.4. Confindence in final result is fair."

I currently have mine set to core multi 20 bus at 205 and volts at 1.375 giving me a 4.1 mhz

on during the stress test my temps go anywhere of 50-56 max

I don't know too much of this stuff, should I be concerned about these three cores having these errors?
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  1. now I have a 4th core that says 3 roundoff error of > 0.4
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