Upgrading Gfx card, need some help.

Im looking to upgrade from a HD4850 (1GB) to a ATI Radeon™ HD 5970 graphics card, how can I tell wether my motherboard and whatnot would be compatible? Should I give a list of my PC specs? im abit unsure and new to computers, where do I start?
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  1. An HD4850 is a PCI-E card as is the HD5970 so your motherboard should be fine. What you need to be concerned about is whether your PSU can handle the card and if your CPU and monitor make it a worthwhile upgrade. So tell us the specs of your PSU, your CPU and the native resolution of your monitor.
  2. the resolutions i use are 1360x 768 on my 32inch HDTV, well I just ran a program called CPU-Z, I have an i7 Core 920 @ 2.67HGz.
    May I ask what a PSU is? and how I can check my PSU specs?
  3. The PSU is your power supply. For your resolution your current card should be very good and you shouldn't even be considering an HD5970. If you do want to upgrade the most you should probably consider is the HD5770 but honestly even that is massive overkill. It does actually use less power than the HD4850 however so you wouldn't need to worry about the power supply.
  4. I would have to agree with jyjjy. Why do you want to upgrade your graphics card? Your current resolution for your HDTV are pretty low. Unless your TV can do 1920x1080P then it would be almost pointless to upgrade your video card. Heck if anything, you could possibly sell your 32" and put that money + the money for a new video card to a new HDTV that supports 1080P.

    You don't have to do it, but you have choices :)
  5. well, when I play BFBC2 I can only play it on minimum settings. and I want to be able to play it on maximum settings, I also want to future-proof my PC abit.

    Also, how do I check my PSU/wattage output settings?
  6. Well keep in mind you are running a beta version of the game that supposedly has some serious driver optimization issues. It is DX11 though so if you are really into the game I guess upgrading to a DX11 card makes sense. Just get the HD5770. It should do very well at your current resolution. Or is you want a more serious upgrade I would recommend getting a 1920x1080 monitor and an HD5850. It will cost less and give you a much better gaming experience than using an HD5970 at 1360x768.
  7. Also, how do I check my PSU/wattage output settings?

    I want to be able to have all the details on full setting aswell as Anti-Aliasing and such. im sticking with the native resolution of 1360x768. I want to be able to play with a good frames-per-second
  8. I guess the HD5850 is abit cheaper, is the PSU usage greater than the HD4850? I dont want to destroy my PC
  9. The HD5850 also uses less power than the HD4850 so it should be ok but seriously, unless you are going to use a higher resolution anything more than an HD5770 is just a waste really. If you really need something better the HD5830 should be available very soon and would be a slightly more reasonable purchase.
  10. And what about the HD5870 ? is that also a lower PSU wattage than he HD4850?
  11. No, but once again that card is NOT more useful at your resolution compared to something much cheaper. You came here for advice from people who know what they talking about so you should take that advice. The HD5850 is already an insane amount of overkill for your resolution. If you really have too much money and need to get rid of it then donate some to charity instead of overspending on a pointlessly expensive video card upgrade.
    Or even better send it to me :D Say the word and I'll PM you my paypal info :p
  12. damn a troll, boring.
  13. I'm not trolling, I'm trying to help you not waste your money. The video cards you seem intent on are simply beyond the point of reason for your current resolution. I can't say it any clearer.
  14. @ Terrorfakt

    Well he is genuinely trying to help you out and you go and call him a troll.

    Don't bother with his help then if you are so inclined to not listen anyways. Go get yourself a GTX 295...
  15. i would also agree with terrorfakt. a 1360x768 resolution, is relatively low resolution for computer gaming. Compared to 1080p your only pushing about half the pixels 1044480 vs 2073600. the 5770 is already a fairly big jump from a 4850, and more then likely the reason your have trouble with bfbc2 is just like terrorfakt is saying, it's a beta version with alot of unoptimized code. Now if your planning on later getting a higher resolution tv at least 1080p, then you could say get a 5850, I currently have a weaker card then a 5850 and it handle everything besides, crysis at maximum detail in 1080p.
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