Intel and AMD dropping prices anytime soon?

For the price watchers, experts with years of watching price, will Intel be dropping prices soon in response to the newly released AMD 6 core CPUs?
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  1. On a gut feeling, no. The Thubans are priced to compete well, but they're at current market value, not below it.
  2. I wish, but dont count on it.
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    The i5 750 might drop a bit. The new 6 cores compete rather well with it. I get the feeling a bit more that Intel will keep the i5 750 where it is, and come out with a new one that has hyperthreading enabled. This will be a bit more then the normal 750.

    Then again considering that the 750 is a better gaming CPU they might just leave it alone. The new 6 cores are better at everything else though.
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  5. I was thinking of this thread the other day. How have prices moved? I'd check myself but this laptop is so slow...
  6. The Intel i5-750 has come down by about £10 recently to around £140 (from £150). Not bad.
  7. Core i5 here in the US has not budge from it $200 price point. :(
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