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I'm currently running a PC that I built quite a few years ago that has an Abit IC7-G motherboard with a 2.8 Ghz processor.

It uses a Inno3D Geforece 7300 GT graphics card which I installed after replacing a Geforce FX 5900 a couple of years ago.

This Christmas I played a game that I play a lot on my machine up and my wife's parents. Their machine had a Geforce 9500 GT and I was impressed by the additional graphics.

I was thinking of buying one but I'm worried that my motherboard would be too old for it and I'd have to upgrade that as well. Am I correct?

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  1. Your motherboard is AGP so you will need an AGP card. There are no AGP 9500GTs but this card is slightly better;
  2. BTW upgrading the motherboard/cpu/ram and a PCIE video card can be done for under $250 and it will give you MUCH better results in terms of gaming.
  3. Thanks for the help very useful.

    If I did go for a rebuild - any motherboards you could point me at, I'm very out of touch with PC architecture as its 6+ years since my last build!

  4. If you could please post your budget and detailed specs on your current machine we can tailor a new build for you.
  5. Something like this combo;
    and this ram
    would leave you enough money for something like an HD4670 or 9600 GT and still be under $250. It's still a low end system by today's standards but simply world's better than what you have now and would be good for gaming at low resolutions(1280x1024 and lower.)
    I would recommend 4 gigs of ram though if you can afford it;
    You can also make it a quadcore for $25 more and for a bit more a real AM3 motherboard and DDR3 ram instead of DDR2 would be a good idea as well. Basically what you should get depends on what you want to spend.
  6. Instead of a stick of 2GB Ram, though, go ahead and get 2x1GB of dual-channel 1066 RAM. A 64-bit OS adds another $120 onto his tab, which he might not be able to support.
    As for a card, something like the 9600GT/HD5570/HD5670.
  7. Why would he need a 64 bit OS to use a 2GB stick of ram?
  8. Thanks for all the feedback on this query - its been very helpful.
  9. jyjjy said:
    Why would he need a 64 bit OS to use a 2GB stick of ram?

    Woops, donno why I thought that. Just over 2gb's of Ram adds $160.
  10. No, you are thinking of the 4 gb limit on 32 bit windows. Its actually more like 3.2-3.5gb in practice.
  11. Yeah, but I thought Dual-Channel 2GB/1GB was impossible?
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