Different DIMM's for different memory channel

Hello people.......... I have already built an I5 760 rig with the following specs

CPU - Intel I5 760
Noctua NH-C12P SE14 CPU Cooler
Mobo - Gigabyte GA - P55 - USB3 Rev 2.0
PSU - Gigabyte PoweRock 500W
GPU - XFX ATI Radeon HD 4670
RAM - Patriot Gamer Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) PGS36G1600ELK
HDD - Seagate Barracuda 1 TB Internal Kit
LG Mutidisc writer

I plan to expand my memory by an additional 4 GB (2 X 2GB) since my board supports dual memory dimms. In common scenario i would have bought the same patriot dimms but its my heatsink which is proving to be the problem. Out of the 4 memory rows, the dimms presently sit on the second and fourth row (counting from the CPU). The heatsink (which i adore and is expensive) comes right upto the first dimm (second row). If i were to put the same dimms in the first row the height of these dimms will obstruct the cooler and just wont fit.

Now my million dollar question - Can i use another set of dimms for my first and third rows without affecting performance or compatibility or anything else i dont know of? I remember years ago (roughly 15 years) i used different brand rams on each slot but those were i guess single channel. I found some good dimms to fit just below the cooler fins but wanted to "forum" it before buying.

Help me out guys...........
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  1. you can use a different manufacturer for the 2 new Dimms just be sure that the Voltage requirements are the same (since the MOBO only supplies 1 voltage to all of the sockets - then you will want to make sure the new modules are the same or better speed and timings (since these settings are also one setting for all modules and faster modules can run at slower speeds but slower modules may\may not run at faster speeds) -- another option would be to get the same set of modules and remove\modify the heatsink on the 1 so that it fits using a dremel or similar (assuming the reason it does not fit is the height of the Heatsink included and not the actual module)
  2. I would have no problems pulling the {horizontal designed} Noctua NH-C12P SE14 and grinding-off the a few mm of heat-sink to make room for my RAM using a high-speed Dremel grinder. The efficiency of the missing ~2-3 mm of the Noctua heat-sink won't make too much of a difference. Mixing RAM is by far the worser of the two options.
  3. ^Yup, buy the same ram and just 'finetune' the heatsink fins :)
  4. I never thought of removing the heatsink on the RAM...... Since the cooler pushes down air onto the RAM below, the RAM will stay cooled....... Jeez why didnt i think of that....... thanks a bunch guys..........
  5. ^ erm, slight miscommunication, I, and I believe Jaquith as well, meant to grind a few mm off your 'adored' Noctua :) if you can take the heatsinks off the ram though, would be less destructive ofc :)
  6. @motopsychojdn......... it struck me to remove the heatsink completely after reading JDFan comment "another option would be to get the same set of modules and remove\modify the heatsink on the 1 so that it fits using a dremel or similar"

    I totally dont want any destruction....... certainly not on my noctua........ i dont OC my RAM like i do my CPU so they dont heat up so much in the first place..........

    Another option is to sell the present rams (a secret - those rams are part of a triple channel kit, i only bought two of them) and go for 4 new dimm kits which will fit below the cooler........... hmmm........ thats interesting too..........

    Thanks anyway guys......... its been a blast these couple of months in the forums.............
  7. Your rig & your way wins!

    However, the least impact to ALL components {in keeping design} was to shave a few millimeters off the bottom of the Noctua heatsink. I looked at the design and the horizontal fins on the bottom had nearly none to little CPU cooling effect. Worst under rated speed of 1600 MHz your RAM will get hot and without heat fins the RAM ~ may become unstable.

    Instead if ram speed is unimportant then choose slower ram ~ 1333 or slower. If you are running your RAM at default speed then 1066 MHz won't need heat spreaders, but yanking-off the spreaders can damage the chips.

    All in all - I try to look at the win-win AND never would recommend something that I would do myself.

    Exchange your RAM for something like these: And Good Luck!

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