Video card or PSU problem?

my system:
Asus 9600 GSO 512
Coolmax CP-500T
nForce 610i mobo
Win 7 32
196.21 drivers

My system has always ran fine, it is less than two years old.

Recently, games and sometimes even video blinks out, and I will get that message, "your video card stopped responding and was reset".

Obviously suspecting heat, I cleaned everything in my computer. Also opened the PSU and cleaned it as well.

The problem went away, for a time, and has now returned. Sometimes the video card resets, sometimes I get BSOD, sometimes the game simply CTD.

Today, I popped off the fansink on the video card, cleaned the surfaces, and applied some fresh thermal paste.

I have speedfan, smartdoctor, and cpu caps viewer all running while I do the furry box test. My voltages seem fairly stable, though this is a very crude way to watch. Once the card reaches ~65 C is when problems start. That seems awfully cool for these types of problems.

I will need to replace something obviously, but which? Video card or PSU?
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  1. i would say the card!
  2. Neither; spend about $15 on better cooling. A video card should not be reaching 65centigrade unless it's overclocked, SLI/CF, or not being cooled properly.
  3. but it ran for 2 years fine,i would say card because that psu should have plenty of power.he should have had heat problems for 2 years then!
  4. From what I've read of others' cards, those temps seem fairly normal, by no means high enough to cause these problems. Maybe the sensor (which I've read is funky) is giving me temps that are lower that what they should be.
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