Rampage III Extreme can't boot

1st: thaks everyone for read my topic :love:

After 2 month, R3E can't boot anymore, i look at mainboard's led status, everything is ok. then, when i press the power button, the mainboard begin check hardware before boot, i see the led light stop at VGA then pc can't boot.
first of all, i think this is problem with the vga, i try with another VGA but the led at the VGA still shine :(
after that, i check ram, cpu, bios, clr cmos...etc..., but still can't solve that problem :??

everybody help me please :(
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  1. As a diagnostic, pull the GPU {boot without GPU} listen/observe if the MOBO can boot. R/O MOBO.

    Alternative, try another PCIe with the GPU and a different PSU lead. If you have a DVM {digital voltage meter} then verify the the PSU is not at fault. Some PSU's use multiple rails and the only way to verify voltage is by using a DVM.

    So the ASUS Q-LED indicated VGA error. What PSU are you using?
  2. i tried all of another pcie slots, I'm using coolermaster silent pro gold 1000watt
    i tried boot without GPU and this led stop at VGA then can't boot, is it normal?

    but i saw the led light of ROG logo was dim. when check to VGA's boot, suddently the ROG brighter and i dont know whats happen with this ?
  3. Your PSU has a single rail and Japanese capacitors so for now you can R/O. Without a GPU the MOBO may balk about it but typically complete a full boot.

    The next step is to R/O a short, there are (2) ways: 1. easy - unscrew all of the mounting screws and dangle to MOBO on a towel, or 2. Breadboard take everything apart and use minimal components and layout on a piece of cardboard.

    If this fails then more than likely you have a bad MOBO.
  4. i'm newbie, i dont understand what " R/O" stand for?
    i really can't believe that the top ROG mobo of ASUS have the bad quality like that, eventhough i never oc this, after 2 months i'm so disappointed.
    anyway thaks Veteran so much ^^, i have to bring this back to ASUS for warranty ><, i hope ASUS will replace new one
  5. R/O = Rule-out. What about testing for a Short, as I outlined above; a short mounting the MOBO could easily explain the problems.
  6. thaks again Veteran
  7. There have been several problems know with this board and not posting so try this! Flick the power switch off (on your psu) and wait acouple minutes. Now turn it back on and press the power on either on your case or the mobo. If you have ROG connected does it hang on CPU INIT?

    If this is the case then you will need to RMA the board because it seems to be a common problem with these baords. I had to take my first board back and the second one has worked flawlessly for me ever since.
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