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I some how lost all my standard windows games. I think this occurred when I ran a clear of windows features not used for awhile. I also emptied the trash bin awhile after that not realizing it may have contained the games ie (minesweeper, solitaire, chess, etc). I did find a suggestion to use Start, Run, Spider. This does work to run spider solitaire, but I've not been able to make it work for the rest. Can you give me help. In advance Thank You, Denny
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    Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    You probably only deleted shortcuts and will find all the executable - files with the .exe suffix - for the games in Windows Explorer (My Computer) in the sub-folder windows\system32. For example, go into c:\windows\system32 and right click sol.exe and select Send t o Desktop(Create shortcut) and it wlil do just that. Hunt down the others you want an dit wlil all be back to normal.

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  3. Thanks Saga Lout,
    This worked great. I thought there was also a chess game in XP. I might have be mistaken with the one in my win 7. ?????

  4. Glad you got it sorted. As to Chess, I believe this site can help:-

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