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Waterblock for GTX 690

Hey guys, I was planning on liquid cooling my GTX 690 cause it SCREAMS at full load, literally. I was looking at the XSPC Razor waterblock.
Should all water blocks for the 690 be about the same, performance wise?
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    If their GPU blocks are anything like their cpu blocks you should be good.
    I just installed a Raystorm cpu block and the kit it top notch well packed and covers all harware needs. I will be looking to add a XSPC block to my 680 after the holidays.
  2. Alright, I think I'll be getting it and hopefully it performs well!
    It's great to see that you got the kit working as it should! Do you have a link to your rig? I'd like to see it :).
  3. Look at my loop completed thread posted earlier tonight.
  4. the viewers at home, won't know your links existence unless you post a link in your post. just a heads up. Usually threads get thrown to the bottom of a list, and most people wont memorize your alias to find your threads.

    google GTX 690+waterblock should yield some interesting results. BTW, stay away from teh EK nickel plated blocks! at all costs.
  5. Yeah, I noticed that threads get bumped to the bottom of the list pretty easily (I'm quite new to this forum).

    I have already done that, and I think I'll be going with the XSPC Razor simply because I like the aesthetics and it costs ~50 less than all of the other blocks I've seen.
    Thanks for your input!
  6. I am not 100% sureif its still vaild. Performance PC was offering a free one last week for anyone who would review it and make a Youtube vid might wanna look in to that.
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