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Hi all. I am going to bebuilding a system with a 120Gb SSD for the OC and other proggrammes couples with a 2TB WD Black.
I have been told that if you install the OS on the ssd, while booting the motherboad might not detect the OS and fail to boot is this true?
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  1. No there is nothing particularly special about installing Windows to an SSD. I would not have the 2TB drive hooked up while installing, and put the SSD on port 0 of whatever Intel controller is on your board. It probably will already be set to AHCI, but double check that it is before installing in your boards bios.

    After you get Windows loaded and drivers sorted out, then hook up the 2tb drive.
  2. Yes thanks i was planning to install the 2tb later on.
    By the way the mobo is the asus p8Z68-V PRO/GEN3
  3. You don't necessarily need to leave the 2nd drive unplugged. Unless you have Windows on it right now. If you know what you are doing, you can choose which drive windows will go on. Its best practice to leave it unplugged if you are not relocating user and app data to another drive during the install.
  4. LEAVE the HDD disconnected during the Install. If you leave it connected windows will detect botth drives and while the Installation will be to the SSD windows will also set up a few files on the HDD that can come back and bite you.

    As stated, (1) verify the Bios is set to AHCI and (2) Use the Intel Sata III port, Not the marvel sata III ports (If you have 4 Sata III (6) ports, two are controlled by Marvel and two by Intel.

    You indicated a 120 Gig SSD, I think all 120 Gig SSDs use the SF22xx controller. I would recommend the 128 Gig Samsung 830, or the Curcial M4 (Intel 510 is also a good choice.
    The SF22xx seems to have more user problems than SSDs based on the Marvel controller (Exception would be the New Intel 520).
    By all Means stay away from the agillity IIII, It's generally on sale and cheap for a reason!!!!
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