955 or 1055T?

So, I got the 955 a while ago, like a week ago. Then I bought the 1055T yesterday because it was a really nice deal. (130 bucks)
Now I don't know which one to keep. I don't think I use a lot of applications that even utilize 4 cores let alone 6... So I don't know. The x6 is clocked lower @ 2.8 ghz while the x4 is at 3.2 ghz. BE I don't care too much about, since I'll most likely barely overclock by like .4 ghz at most. I plan to run dual monitors- a 23" at 1920x1080 and a 17" at 1280x1024 or something.

I usually play games, surf the net, run Photoshop, edit a few videos using Premiere and AfterEffects, and I constantly run Dropbox, Steam, Coretemp, Roboform, and Kaspersky Anti-virus. Also I'm gonna use a 5770 and 4gb of RAM with this setup.

Plus, if I sell the x6, then I will gain about 60 dollars in profit, which is good. :)

So which one should I stick with?
I'm personally thinking of the x4 because of the higher clock speed and profit I'll gain from selling the x6.
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  1. it sounds like you multitask quite a bit, and so i would recommend staying with the X6. If you believe the small difference in clocks is hurting your performance, I would suggest OCing it back up to 3.2GHz, which it should be able to do easily on close to stock voltage.
  2. For gaming, the X6 would be the same as the 955. But for your production prograns the X6 would be the better of the two.


    There is a list of benchmarks so you can compare it. If you plan to do more video/media editing than the X6 would be the better choice. If you game more than the X4 would be the better choice and you can possibly upgrade your GPU for a better gaming experience.
  3. ehhh the x6 is gonna be coming in on monday. I have all the parts, including the 955 CPU. I can't wait haha, I'm just gonna go with what I have, and then maybe I'll sell the used 955 with the 1055's HSF.
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