ASUS A8N-SLi Deluxe with 9500gt

This computer is old. I originally had a 6800gt in it which broke. Couple of days ago I put the card in the oven and it started working again but then failed hours later. So I bought a 9500gt as it was cheap and heard it was backwards compatible. Every component of the PC works except the graphics card.

When I installed th graphics card which has no power connector it fitted perfectly and I turned on the PC but there was no screen and no beep. Computer started as normal and as I know the boot screen I assumed it would say *no display found press f1 to continue* so pressing f1 randomly upon starting made it load ito windows (I assume with the noises being made). I even reset the CMOS disconnected other hardware such as the soundcard and hard drives.

Its using a single core AMD ATHLON proccessor. I have 2B of ram which is running good too. I cant remember the rest of specs though.

So basically I get no display whatsoever.

For those who say get a new PC this isnt my primary PC but it holds memories :D
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  1. madmilkyway said:
    Couple of days ago I put the card in the oven and it started working again but then failed hours later.

    When I installed th graphics card which has no power connector it fitted perfectly...


    This can happen for a variety of reasons, starting with a bad PSU {yeah I can read}; more than likely your PSU has multiple rails so you'll need to test with DMV {Digital Voltage Meter} + older PSU's power becomes degraded/"dirty power" <or> try the "good" PC's PSU. Otherwise, your MOBO. "IF" your MOBO has another PCIe slot then try it.
  2. Sorry I should mention that I put my 6800gt in the oven not the new card. The PSU works fine as I tested it before it broke and I gave up years ago. My dad whos a good electrician checked it with a mutimeter. I tried the other PCIe slot and it didnt work there either. Its a PCIe 16x and the card is PCIe 2.0 would that be it? IF so could you tell me the limit of the nvidia series I can go up to with the motherboard. I was told that there was backwards compatability
  3. The nvidia 6800gt had a 6 pin power connector

    The nvida 9500gt doesn't have a power adapter, it just plugged into the motherboard, i got a little confused when I put it in.
  4. I am pretty certain that your PCIe is X16 1.0a, and I would look at the GTS 240 or -> Direct X 11 {GTS 450 or GTX 460}; assuming you're running Vista/7. It's is all about your budget and keeping in mind your 5-6 year system.

    However, it probably would be a good idea to update your BIOS; several BIOS updates included PCI related "fixes." Yes, the PCIe 2.0 GPU's are backward compatible and you will not have optimize performance,but they'll work.

    Update your BIOS:
    The latest BIOS was on 2007/07/04 // A8N-SLI Deluxe BIOS 1805

    Hope this answers your questions.
  5. Take one nvidia 6800gt remove plastic fan and heatsinks. Place in oven at around 100 celcius (in reality it would need to go over 200 to actually be a perminant fix) and leave in there for 10 mins. The reason I didnt do it at 200 was that I didnt want to burn out the chip and release lead fumes as I use the oven regularly. I only heated it up to 80 celcius at which point I took it out the oven and placed it into the PC immediatly. However when it cooled the PC went broke again.

    Essentially what the oven does it melt all the solder fixings all at once. Its risky but often pays out and I wouldnt try it on a new dx11 card.

    I'm gonna try using a heat gun which goes up to 250 celcius hopefully conecntrating that on an area in well ventilated area should do the trick.

    Its a shame the 9500gt didnt work My bios is completly up to date the the card must be broken.
  6. Yeah but which one would actually work and its cheap. This isnt my gaming computer.

    My gaming computer has crossfire 5870's and a 3.4ghz amd phenom 965. I just wanted to get a spare computer going. Videos is about the limit to what I need to do on it
  7. You should check first if your PSU is of version 2.2. Newer gfx cards may require that version specification to work.

    Still newer PCIe 2.0 spec gfx cards may refuse to work in PCIe 1.0 slots even though they are said to be backward compatible.
  8. Yeah sure I'll look that up about the SPU and the graphics cards. I am also looking for a 6800gt if its possible. Place where I bought the 9500gt had a geforce 5000 series so it must be available somewhere.
  9. BTW - Solder {Lead/Tin alloy} melts at ~183 °C and at that temp would destroy most of the chips & transistors on the GPU. Manufacturing of the GPU is 95%+ automated and is run across a puddle of liquid solder; so if you want to fix solder then get a soldering iron.

    Your MOBO last BIOS release was ~ 7 months after the initial release of PCIe 2.0 chances are the BIOS addressed many backward compatibility issues.
  10. I have the exactly the same problem as OP - wondering if any solution was found?
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