New RigGaming PC, to Colombia.

Hello guys, wassssup. Im a long time reader of TH, never registered cause i'm kinda noob compared to all of u. I'm a Colombian Citizen Never actually needed to buy on US soil, but since last year prices tripled here, and last tech goodies nver get here. So i decide to get advantage of my relatives up there and decided to get her to buy me a gaming rig and a Nexus one, total budget 1300 bucks, discount N1 price and that leave us with a 800 bucks (willing to squeeze that pocket). I have a plasma TV 42' , 720p, in ocasions i play on the leaving room tv, its a LCD 42' 1080, but mostly 720p.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: two weeks to one and half months.

BUDGET RANGE: US 500-700?? already mentioned on intro the cheaper the better but im also willing to spend more if im convinced. dont know if my dumb cousin would learn to use the rebates.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Mostly gaming, hardcore gaming if possible, hoping stays vital to upcoming games 2-3 yrs mybe??.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS, Hardrive not totally necessary but if budget allows it'll be welcome. no periferals needed either.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: cause its the one it get better reviews, but anything that get the cheaper work done its ok. keep in mind my cousin lives on florida.

PARTS PREFERENCES: AMD its my favorite, but im seeing good faming value on the i5 so no strings attached, best gaming value for the price, but ixxxx or phenom II xxx, no less than that. the hd5850 was my favorite but i think its too xpensive right now, so 5770 vs 4970 vs 4890 vs gtx 260 ? ? idk give your thoughts.

OVERCLOCKING: Maybe probbably no but im a courius guy. SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Maybe

MONITOR RESOLUTION: plasma hd tv 72op.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Pimp my case?? a very flashy wit lights and some fan speed-temperature - controller would be fine.

PS: Sorry for my english.
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    Something small and mobile if u like? Prolly well in the $5xx category even before rebates if u dun need that HDD
  2. Thank u very much, for ur answer batuch, but i dont want something small and mobile and i dont need dvd drive either, card reader etcc. Would i get significant more fps if i get a pair of 4850 cf'ed?? or would be wise to get de 5770 and wait to they lower the price to get a snd one to cf??.

    TY for ur patience.
  3. For 720p gaming a single HD 5770 would be adequate and if you are looking for ATX form factor builds get something like an Antec 200 and prolly some more case fans and you good to go ^^ CF definitely not required for 720p so perhaps something like a Gigabyte 770T-UD3P or MSI 770-G45 ATX for mobo possibilities? You are welcomed ^^
  4. So u telling me batucka, that with this ring i'll be able to play last gen games, 720 p with mild antiliasing. .?? can i stay close to that budget with a gtx 260 rig or with a 48(7-9)0's??. Ty so much for ur time helping me.
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