which is better for gaming: X6 1055T or X4 955? price not issue

ok i have a Phenom X4 955 3.2ghz for a build but im still considering getting an X6 1055T 2.8ghz, my build is basically my gaming rig and video/audio conversions so wich would be a better build regardless of the $40 price difference?
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  1. i need an answer really bad, will they be the same or will one be better than the other in gaming? i plan to pop a 5830 on them whoever i get
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    They will be the same in most games but honestly the 1055 is well worth the extra, if only for the higher overclocking/lower power draw. It's worth $40 over a 955.
  3. if they will work the same in games i dont really mind paying the extra $40 since the 2 extra cores can work with the video conversions i do, im fine with them working at the same level when it comes to gaming
  4. Yes they'll be the same. You can always just mildly overclock all 6 cores to 3.2ghz same as the 955, that way you'll know it will always perform better than a 955 at stock because of Turbo. :)
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  6. I have a Gigabyte 4gb full tower rig with an ATI 4650 video card and four hard drives for 3tb of total storage running the Phenom 955 and was very happy with it. I don't really play any games as I built this rig mainly for video editing using Pinnacle Studio 14.

    I was very happy with it although I had a lot of problems with OCZ DDR3 1600mhz and RAM. It would only work at 1066 mhz and took me a while to figure it out. It was crazy because I had issues with lock-ups and restarts before I figured out that this RAM would only work at 1066 with my setup.

    I switched to Corsair, which initially worked at 1600 mhz then when I switched pairs because of a much better price, it would only work at 1333 mhz.

    I bought the Phenom x6 1055 from Tiger Direct at a fantastic price and popped it in. I updated the bios before making the upgrade. I changed processors and had to drop the RAM speed to 1066 again. It had been very stable and there is definitely a noticeable speed increase over the 955.

    Basically, if you have the 955 now, don't upgrade. If you have a choice of the two, get the 1055. You will be happy.

    BTW, Intel is faster but the price is not worth it unless you get it for free.
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