Overclocking a GTX 560ti Ultra

Never done overclocking before, so thought I'd ask before messing around with the tools the video card came with.

My current setup is going to change this month, but right now I have:

AMD Athlon II x4 620 2.6Ghz
GTX 560ti Ultra 448 Core

In the month, the case, and everything in it is going to change but the card.

Is there a tutorial or anything to help me OC this card to get a little more kick out of it?

Right now idles at 48C and about 71C during gaming.
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  1. You'd get more kick by overclocking your CPU. In fact, it's holding your card back!
  2. Interesting, after research I found that my CPU wouldn't bottleneck my card?

    Either way though, within the month like I said, I'll be getting an i5 if thats the case.

    Still, can anyone direct me to a tut or steps into doing both the GPU and CPU? Just to I'm prepared.
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  5. ibjeepr said:

    Thanks a ton, I'll give this a shot.
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