Radeon 5870 causing major problems

I just installed a Sapphire 5870 in my machine, and it is causing me some major issues. My computer is now periodically locking up hard with no warning -- I don't even get a BSOD -- my monitors go blank and the computer becomes entirely unresponsive. This happens at the desktop, and while 3d gaming. When it happens during gaming -- it seems to be when there is a lot of craziness on screen and the card is getting bogged down, while at the desktop it seems to happen totally randomly. I am running Windows 7, 64 bit Home Premium on a machine with an ASUS P6T mobo, Core i7 920, 3 GB DDR3-2000, and a 750 W power supply. Any thoughts?
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  1. Driver Sweeper, reinstall drivers, get 5800 hotfix.
  2. what brand is the power supply?

    also, download GPUz and see what temps you are hitting.

    are you running any overclocks in your system?
  3. Ok, sorry for the delay in responding -- I installed the hotfix and it has cleared up my issues in gaming. Now it only locks me out at the desktop, and it seems to be doing it frequently. Strangely, I found that if I log out, the monitor comes back on with the welcome screen, and I can log back in and everything will work fine. This is, needless to say, a pain in the buttocks. According to GPUz, I am running around 57 C at idle (which is where all my problems are). My PSU is a Corsair.
  4. Well I would get the latest drivers and windows updates.
  5. 57c at idle is very high. im usually below 40 at idle, and im in NZ at summer with very high ambient temps.

    is your core clock throttling liek it should when idle? (i.e in CCC does the core clock show 157mhz when on the desktop?)
  6. I'm at 64c with 0% GPU usage with my 4850. Temp is fine. Ambient air temp is ~22c, motherboard temp is ~39c, i7 temp is ~41c. All of my fans are either off or low enough that I can't hear them.

    gpus like to run a bit warm, no probs.
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