Supreme commander 1 benefit from the new AMD X6?

Hey im a big supcom fan and currently running a x3 720 @ 3.8ghz. Its getting along well but supcom does need alot of power. If i get a new X6 1090t is that actually gonna give me any real increase.

Chances are im gonna OC the X6

Currently runing 4gb of 1600mhz ram, 1tb carvier black and a XFX 5870 xt.
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  1. RTS games do like a powerful CPU. But most can get by on a dual core just fine.

    Thats a decent review. It looks like a quad gave it a 40% boost over a dual core at the time.

    So its possible that Thuban will give you 40% more, but thats if it can use more than 4 cores.
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