Can processor power management cool a pc?

ive always thought that having the

Maximum Processor State(A advanced power option for windows)

all the way up was good for speed

so i kept it at 100

well can having that setting lower like 50

help the CPU stay cooler?

this is a desktop if that makes a difference.

im trying to figure out how to keep my computer down to 30-40 degrees.....

it seems if my cpu usage is even at 50% it gets the CPU up to the 50's in temps(C)

btw is it true that the fx4100(FX series) AMD (CPU)

has a 20 degrees offset?

i got this information from coretemp's faq page(a program to read my CPU temp)

if so that is the temp im going by atm.

or can bad thermal paste placement cause heat to rise? bc i read that if you put to much it would
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  1. 50 Degrees for a CPU is totally normal.

    with stock cooling and under full load I would consider fairly normal to be anything under 70 Degrees C.

    but in answer to your question yes lowering the processor's speed will bring the temperature down.
    You could also look at a larger CPU cooler as there are plenty around.
  2. well the reason im asking is because occasionly ill get major lag spikes whenever im doing almost anything.....worse one was it stopped everything for about 2 minutes.

    which OC can get real annoying.....could this be a HDD issue by any chance?

    i ask because i thought it was heating but it happens on startup also.
  3. best advice would be when ever you get one of the lag spikes take a look at your hard drive light. if it's on solid or going crazy i would agree this could be caused by your hard drive.

    Have you tried a fresh reinstall of windows?
  4. Also, run taskmanager while doing intense work and check cpu, memory, and network. It may be any or all of these factors.
  5. well i KNOW its not internet bc mine 26mbps and it laggs on offline tasks occasionaly also.

    i would consider the CPU usage also lagges when using like 30% or less.

    i know its not memory because i got 8 gigs and barely use 3gb.

    @hugo what is a hard drive light? the hard drive is internal so what do you mean by that?

    and i think i might go for the fresh install because this would be the 3rd one on this HDD :D and it usualy fixes any issues i cause :P. but first thing is backup time :) itll take a while to back up 600gb.....btw how can i just back up the programs? or is this possible?
  6. it is not possible to backup installed programs.

    they will have to be installed again after you complete the reinstall.
  7. The HDD light or HDD LED is the little blinking light on the case that tells you the hard drive is being used(read/write). If that goes nuts when it lags you may have a task taking eating hard drive bandwidth or worse a hard drive issue it self.

    I have actually seen a SATA port that needed a firmware update(damn you VIA) do this, but this does not just start happening, it would be like that from the start.
  8. ok thanks for all the info. but this case does not have a HDD LeD

    so i think i just go with a reinstall.

    i did a reinstall of windows everything seems to be working right and fast so thanks for all the help
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