Need advice with mobo/memory

Hey, just need some input from the forum junkies =).

Okay, so I'm trying to decide between these two motherboards:

What do you guys think? I've read a lot of reviews for both.....both sound pretty good, but the Gigabyte is much cheaper than the MSI.

Also, the Gigabyte p55A-UD6 much better? Seems to have a lot of very high reviews. I am finding it very hard to track down a place that sells them though.

Anyway, my other question is between memory.

The Patriot sticks have an awesome $50 rebate atm and they are higher performance, so I figured I'd go with them. Thanks for any input!!
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  1. I'm personally a fan of Gigabyte, although be aware with the UD4P's SATA3/USB 3 solution if you run 2 cards in SLI/CF then the controller will work in USB 2 mode.

    You have an attraction to large RAM heatsinks? How high are you planning to OC your CPU - and what CPU are you getting? The Patriots seem like overkill unless you have plans for that extra headroom. If you want 1600 MHz CL7's, why not go cheaper?:
  2. Well originally I had decided on a LGA 1156 platform because I thought that the LGA 1366 would be a lot more expensive....turns out I can get either setup for around the same price (I was going to get the i7-875k, but the i7-950 is cheaper, donno if it has better performance in games though). The only real difference is the RAM requirement. However, I don't know if I am going to be able to afford two nice GPU's.

    My concerns are that I will use a lot more power with the LGA 1366 system for no real benefit if I just use one graphics card. But then again, if it is around the same price for either platform why not go with the LGA 1366 for possible future upgrades? Ugh, I just can't decide ><.

    OH, and the CPU cooler I am getting is the Corsair H70 btw. Shouldn't interfere with the RAM heatsinks.

    Thanks for the replies. Keep them coming, I need some more help =)

    EDIT: So if I can do you guys recommend the i7-950/x58 setup?
  3. I'd still go for an 1156 platform and spend the extra $80-100 on a better gpu or a nicer case.
    Personally i don't see a huge performance increase with a 1366 socket over the 1156.
    That's my opinion others will differ.
    Honestly how bad is your present rig that you can't hold off for 3-4 months for the new platforms.
  4. It's hard to advise without knowing what your primary/intended use is, as well as budget, etc. That's why the new build template starts off with those questions. But in general, I gotta agree with Davcon.
  5. Ya, sorry. These are the builds I'm looking at:

    i7-875k or 870
    p55 mobo
    Radeon 5870


    Radeon 5870

    My current computer is pretty terrible:
    AMD X4 9850
    ddr2 4gb
    nvidia GeForce 9800GT
    Biostar TF720 A2+

    So either platform would be a massive upgrade currently. I probably won't be able to crossfires (too much $), and I mainly just use the computer for gaming/movies(or streaming)/everyday use. The main reason I am buying a new system is for gaming though. Now I know that Sandy Bridge is supposedly going to be coming out Q1 2011, but delays wouldn't surprise me and I don't want to always be waiting to upgrade. There are 2 main things I'm worried about if I go with the x58 platform:

    1) Power Consumption/heat
    2) Gaming performance with one GPU

    If I am just using one GPU, then I might as well go with the p55 platform for equal (or a tad better?) gaming performance. Thats why I am trying to pick a nice p55 board, and the Gigabyte UD4P has some great reviews. I know the asus boards are good too, but idk why for some reason I like the look of the Gigabyte boards.

    Anyway, hopefully that gives you guys a little more info.
  6. Why not consider an AMD build for a gaming only rig.! It works out cheaper (but equally powerful considering gaming) on the CPU front so you can invest your cash on components that matter more (such as the video card).. Or else, just upgrade your video card for now.. Ideally i'd like to hold on to see how the HD 6XXX series (soon to be launched) performs and its effect on the pricing of the currently available cards..
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    The X58 vs P55 CF/SLI difference has been shown to be most noticeable in the very high end cards, such as a quad-like setup with two dual-gpu cards as shown here:

    Also TH's analysis showed only about a 4% difference:,2517-10.html

    Note - these are when using an CF/SLI built x8,x8 board - NOT a x16,x4 board which is what P55's w/out CF/SLI support run at.

    If you want a budget Intel build focused on gaming, consider an i5 760 and apply savings to your GPU(s). Get a P55 motherboard that supports CF/SLI but doesn't cost over $200. That GA-P55A-UD4P you picked out is a good choice, and is $170 + s/h right now with rebate. Also consider the RAM I linked previously to save yourself another $25 that can go towards bringing down the total cost or be applied to your GPU(s).
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