I want to ask if a AM2+ with AMD Phenom II 6x 1055T

This is my current setup
AMD Phenom 8400 OC'd @ 2,52 Ghz.
3072MB RAM DDR2 OC'd @ 960 Mhz.
3x320GB 7200RPM. RAID0 Stripe.
Asus EaH HD4870 1GB OC'd 800/1085 GDDR5.
Asus M4A78 PRO.

I just want to ask how the 6 Cores work, any benchmarks? would be awesome to know. and i want to know if they will work with the DDR2 ram and the AM2+ they should be the same as the Quad cores Phenom II i guess? and what do you guys think, is it really stupid idea to upgrade the CPU, it runs pretty fine, in every thing but in GTA IV it doesnt run very well.

just Any info about the AMD 6 Cores would be awesome. Thanks alot ;)
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  1. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/280964-28-official-thuban-reviews

    Check that thread. Has a link to a lot of reviews.

    Thuban should work with AM3 and AM2+, you just need to check your mobo makers site for compatability.
  2. Odd. Asus has not updated their CPU compatibility list but they usually have an "AMD 6-core ready" bubble where the windows 7 bubble is on your board.

    The socket and chipset are compatible with the x6. A bios update for it will likely be released.

    Asus 6-core motherboard page:
  3. At the time of this writing, your board has not yet received a bios update to support the X6. However, I may only be a matter of time.
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