Rad thickness vs FPI vs size

hey guys ,

i'm planning to get a watercooling going on on my upcoming build , and was wondering what governs the performance of the radiator .

basically , i'm planning to get a 500R case and mount a rad on the top.

The problem is , going for a rad on the top means i have to choose a thickness that is relatively small ( less than 33mm) . is it sufficient to get my cpu and GPU cool ? or should i just go for a bigger case and bigger rads ?

Also , can someone link me to threads/articles about rearmounting your radiator and what DIY/Ideas i should learn to mount them properly in case i want another rad or a bigger one in a case like the 500R .

Thanks :)
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  1. When you say 'on the top' do you mean internally or mounted externally on the roof?
    If you mount externally then case size is irrelevant, if internally then you will be limited to thinnner rads in midtowers and some smaller fulltowers
    I have no rads inside my case, one is on top and two are built into a radbox that the Pc sits on top of,
    check this thread for a list of my logs if you want,

    Hanging out in the W/c gallery can give you ideas for your own loop, and you can always ask the members in there how they managed to ofit a rad or whatever, we're a friendly helpful lot hehe

  2. read the watercooling sticky to gain a wealth of knowledge! located in my sig.
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