New motherboard advice:2x 16x pci: 2 graphics card: 3d gaming? ati?

I have a question about which motherboard to upgrade to. I need one that can run 2 graphics cards, one ati, and one nvidia, or maybe both nvidia (or ati?) and I must know what a good, moderately priced motherboard is. i want the option to buy a 3d (thats 3 dimension, stereoscopic) monitor when they get cheap(er), and i would like to have at least 1 nvidia card (for 3d vision). ive done a lot of research, and i dont feel that ati will have the same level of 3d support anytime soon.(let me know if you disagree) I think i need one with dual 16x pci slots. thanks. I like my current motherboards large amount of usb and firewire, and usb 3.0. i also like you very much for answering my question. sorry about all the parenthesis!

To summarize: CHeap 2x 16x pci motherboard? that will work with my system BELOW

ps i have 750 watt power supply. i assume this is enough for 2 cards. only one hd and and dvd-rw/blu ray play only drive.

gigabyte ga-870a-ud3 amd am3 motherboard
ati radeon 5850
phenom II x4 965 BE
750 w power supply.
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  1. If you want a board that has two slots that run at 16x at the same time. You are not getting it cheap. AMD890FX chipset board supports crossfire . Nvidia980SLI
  2. 1) The best motherboard for running mixed cards at once is the ASUS Crosshair IV but is costly with x16,x16...

    2) This is the cheapest motherboard for x16,x16 on the 890FX platform...

    3) If you really want to run an SLI setup, I would go with this ASUS 980a motherboard...

    Edit: rolli59 beat me to the post :)
  3. Let me ask you this; do you need any other slots besides 2 PCI-e 16x lanes? If not then you can go with an MSI 890GXM-G65 for a little less than those other 2 motherboards. It's a mATX board and from what I can tell the only mATX board to sport 2 PCI-e 16x slots. Mind you this is only a crossfire enabled board like the other ones so if you want to run 2 nVidia cards the only way to do so is to run one of them as a physX card which is what I'm planning to do. Of course that all depends on what games you are going to play and whatnot. Now if you aren't running any physX programs then 2 ATI cards will be the way to go.

    As for the 16x bandwidth vs. 8x 8x bandwidth you don't have to worry about a bottleneck as long as you aren't running your resolution far beyond what you'd normally run on a standard 23" monitor.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate it. I dont think i need any other slots. I would imagine that 16x would be a good bet for future 3d developments, because the images must be rendered twice over. not to egg on, but anyone have any opinions about the ole' 3d ati question? any hardcore gamers? or insiders?
  5. that 890fx looks good price and feature wise. I dont know if i should upgrade yet, its just that those 3d monitors are still pricey, and ati could have the proverbial trick up its sleeve, so i may find a cheap monitor solution after i return this beautiful syncmaster px2370, and wait it out from there
  6. Sounds like a plan... Currently, 3D Gaming is owned by Nvidia so the 980a chipset would be your best bet, if not waiting. I'm not sold on 3D right now myself. I'm waiting for the software, components and monitors to be more mainstream.
  7. lucid's hydra chip technology on expensive msi motherboards.

    different than sli or crossfire

    the 3rd choice
  8. ok i decided to wait on 3d for reasons such as, price, nausea, and the fact that you cant get a 27 inch screen in 3d yet. it seems like the technology will either become much more fleshed out in the coming months/years, or it will fail to sell and be a short lived gimmick. anyways, thanks for the advice
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