I need opinions on Patriot Pyro 120GB

Patriot Pyro PP120GS25SSDR 2.5" 120GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) $99 after rebate

I missed the Crucial M4 yesterday and now price is back to $175
I assume I will need a case converter for existing desktop. 6 year old system, stop gap measure until I upgrade.


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  1. Bay converter 3.5 to 2.5 is $12. $60 rebate expires today
  2. You can check out the Patriot Pyro 120gb SSD here at this link;,3139-6.html

    The link that you listed shows the Pyro SSD at $119.99?
    If tou are looking for a Patriot SSD you might want to consider this one;

    It has much better feedback than the one you listed and is $20 more , other than that you could always wait for a better SSD to have a rebate or a sale.
  3. Inzone, thank you for the advice. There is a $60 rebate expiring today on lot of Patriot SSD products. I could move into tier 3 with a wildfire for an additional $40 over the one you suggested. I am pretty new to the SSD world. Do sales on these products come around often?

  4. I am going to watch for sales and stay away from my original Patriot
    thanks for the help

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    I am always watching the ssd's and other things for sales and rebates and they do cycle on and off and you can tell by how long they are on sale and how much of a rebate they offer as to the quality of the item. For example Intel does offer sales and rebate but not very often while Corsair and others are every other month or always seem to have a rebate. You have to have patience if you want a quality SSD for a good price and there are times where you can score a really good deal.
    I came ac ross this today and I kept looking at each one to see if I could see why there is no price difference.

    Both are the same price but one is 240gb and the other is 180gb , it's a no brainer to get the 240gb right? Then you have these two which are the same size (240gb) but a difference of $120. Which one would you get?

  6. Thanks inzone. Those are amazing examples. $120 diff and absolutely no difference I can see.
  7. That's why you have to look at everything and compare everything. It does pay to be in places like Newegg every day or every other day to be ontop of any deals or even misprints. Newegg also has great daily deals so if you were looking for an item like a SSD then I would keep an eye open in Newegg untill I spotted something that I wanted.
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