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Ok, this would be part 2 of my upgrades on my computer, after I Upgrade my pentium 4 1.6ghz processor, I want to get a new graphics card, I was hoping for something that was 256mb or more somthing that would do a good job for gaming an all that good stuff. My computer is an HP pavilion 750n and at the moment I have a NVidia TNT2 M64, in otherwords the worst graphics card ever made. It wont play anything I want it too. I can barely play old games let alone anything that has come out in the past 7 years. My problem is I don't know what I can buy in terms of compatibility. I know the basics about computers but I don't want to buy anything that won't work in my computer. I know that I need a agp 4x compatible graphics card, but I don't know if theres any other specifications I need to be aware of when purchasing a graphics card. Will any card that is AGP 4x compatible work for my PC? I am currently looking at CPU's so I can upgrade the one I have. (I have another post about upgrading my CPU in the CPU forum) But it has come to my attention that my CPU will also be a determining factor in what kind of graphics card I get, why is that? What will I need to make sure is the same between my CPU and my graphics card? Also, what would be a good graphics card for my computer. I also heard that ram is a big factor in what type of graphics card to buy.
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    The problem will be that intel 845 Mobo it's 4X but thats all, it's 1.5V and doesn't support 0.8V.

    I don't think you'll be able to use a recent AGP card in there. I'm not sure what the last supported card would be anymore, it's either the GF6600 or maybe 6800, or might be one of the GeforceFX or ATi Radeon 9800 cards.

    You might be much better off getting a cheap CPU+MOBO+RAM combo upgrade to PCIe, and then even a cheap HD4550/GF9500 would outperform all your other options.
  2. That sucks haha, well if thats the case, i'm going to just make a new topic in the building a pc forum on here and lob all my questions into one. Thanks I really appreciate the help. Hard to find all this information just surfing the web.
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