XFX Radeon HD 5870 1GB XXX Edition or EVGA GTX285 1GB Classified Edition?

Hi, I'm looking to build a gaming PC and wanting to get a beast of a graphics card for my pc, I've read the reviews, seen the specs and compared the gameplay, just wanting to get a 3rd opinion.
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  1. What size monitor do you plan on using?

  2. The 5870 is FAR faster as you can see.

    If you are gaming on a monitor with a resolution below 1920x1200, though, both will be overkill. You would do fine with a 5770 or a 5850 with a 1650x1050 res, and anything below that, the 5770 will max out damn near everything.
  3. The 5850 is cheaper and performs better. The 5870 is slightly more expensive and performs way better. Both run cooler and use less energy than the GTX285, and both have dx11 support.
  4. 5850 FTW, i have the xfx 5850 xxx overclocked to 950/1250 with 1.16 volts and q6600 @3.4. i get a lil over 17000 gpu score in vantage so what im trying to say is 5850 is more bang for the buck than 5870 and you can easily overclock the 5850 to be as good or better than 5870.
  5. sapphire hd 5870 vapor-x FTW
    great cooling
  6. the 5870 trounces the gtx 285... as someone already mentioned... it consumes less power.. has directx 11.. etc etc... i'd easily go for it...
  7. you can go for 5850 as some have also suggested if are budget is constrained...
  8. +1 5870 or 5850, depending on res.
  9. Yeah I was looking to get the XXX 5870 because I saw the reviews and the gameplay, I am going to run 2 BenQ 24" monitors which have a 2ms response, and my budgets not a matter I wanna build a machine of a pc so I don't really care how much I spend.
  10. This is what I'm thinking of getting:
    Intel i7-975 Core i7 Extreme Edition CPU, 3.33 GHz, Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R MB, Corsair 6GB (3x 2GB) PC-12800 (1600MHz) DDR3 RAM, 2x Seagate BARRACUDA ES.2 500GB, Kingston 64GB SSD V-SERIES, XFX Radeon HD 5870 XXX Edition Video Card - 1GB GDDR5, 1200W "IKONIK" Vulcan 1200 Power Supply, Sony 22x DVD±RW
    Antec TWELVE HUNDRED Case, 2x BenQ E2420HD 24.0"W, 2ms response, LOGITECH G-15 GAMING KEYBOARD, Logitech M500 Mouse.
  11. Thanks for all your responses guys, really helps!
  12. I would consider getting a i7 920 over the 975, then with the money you save get another 5870 and a bigger SSD and you'll have a REAL MONSTER of a PC
  13. agree with microterf... wouldn't waste my money on the 975... instead go for the 920 buy an evga mobo and add an additional 5870..
  14. AGREEEEEDDD^^^^^^^^ do not waste your money on the 975, it is simply not worth it. you could change the 975 to a 920 and with the money saved buy 2 5850s or 5870s or even a 5970 and get much better gaming performance :)
  15. and that 1200watt PSU is a bit ott
    A good 850 will be more than enough to handle a dual GPU setup on that system ;)

    save the money as already suggested, but do yourself a favor and get

    3x BenQ E2420HD 24.0"W

    I can't imagine gaming on just 2 with the split right in the middle :pfff:
  16. Get your self the 920 since you can always nuke the hell out of it by oc later when you get a good cooler (you will need any way) as for the gpu there isn't much debate go for the 5870 since it is well with in you budget. So why spend the cash for the 975 any way?
  17. I have doubts about the op buying a i7 975 extreme, we know many do not have the disposable income for it. Also anyone staying in touch with tech news should know that the current extreme quad core is going to be replaced with the 32nm six core for roughly the same price at INTRODUCTION (March). That makes the 1000 dollar price tag a LITTLE more understandable.
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