Q8300 or I5750

I am a casual gamer and use some basic software, How much difference would I see between to the two? I am looking to buy new.
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  1. In terms of performance, the i5 750 will be better and is only $50 bucks more. As well it will lastlonger than the Q8300.
  2. If buying new, undoubtedly go for the i5!
  3. I agree, go with the i5. It's newer architecture will surely give you what you are looking for in terms of performance and is easily overclockable. Plus, the Q8xxx series aren't exactly the best chips for OC'ing (if you go that route).
  4. Just built a new i5 750 system for my flatmate, Happily overclocks automatically on the fly up to 3.2ghz thanks to a good motherboard choice.

    After seeing it running my own Q6600 @3.6ghz will soon be getting replaced.

    i5 all the way :)
  5. There is a massive difference, with the 750 blowing away the 8300
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