Desoldering bad caps and replacing

I need help picking out a cheap solder iron to remove and replace bad caps from a motherboard. I have three mobos that all have bad caps. I'm not too concerned about ruining the boards because they are old. I don't want to buy and expensive iron, just one to get the job done and learn how to solder a mobo.

These are what I'm looking at:
Weller SP23

Weller SP40

Hakko 508

RS 40W

Have you used any of these with success? Which would you recommend?
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  1. Ive been using weller brand for many years,i really like them and they last forever,I would pick up the SP40 myself...........
  2. I prefer Weller. the 25W should be more then enough.

    Get a solder pump to de-solder like this one:
  3. Weller is a good brand name, that should work great. But just about any iron will do.

    Desoldering Braid, as well as the solder pump, is very useful too.
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