Processor upgrade

i need Upgrade my processor

i need to upgrade my Processor form Dual core 2.8Ghz to ......

i have ideas of buying these - intel I5 or Quad.which would be better
and pls suggest a mobo too!
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  1. What will you be using the computer for mostly?
  2. I would first like to know the exact socket/package type.

    An actual mobo model# or a system model might be helpful ...

    Also, sometimes a bios upgd is needed to support more modern procs and/or mem timings, so ... It would behoove "us" to get down to the exact mobo/model and sub-model, etc., so we can be absolutely certain what supportable solutions exist. No?

    I like to read bios release history and notes, in order to see the evolution of individual systems and associated probs, relating to expansion. Good idea?

    = Al =
  3. i play games a lot!
    and a lot of 3d animation and rendering

    and i am changing both my processor and mobo
    so i need you to suggest both
  4. Great!

    Two things to establish ...

    1) Budget: In *this* forum, nobody is tring to sell you anything you do not need. Really! SO ... It would be REALLY helpful if you can give BOTH the max amount you really would feel comfortable spending (and not more!), as well as EXACTLY which components that amount must purchase ... like, a hi-rez monitor adds a lot, so if that ain't part of the $$$=Build, say so.

    2) Any preference ... AMD over INTEL (or vice-vera) ? Or are you simply interested in your "gaming experience per dollar" ??

    = Al =
  5. Do you want a new PC or only a new Motherbord and CPU?
    When you only want a new motherbord an CPU maybe you should post your other parts in your PC.
  6. 300-380 USD to be appprox

    i dont know if intel or amd is better in gaming i play at 22" lcd
    is amd running good in windows 7 ultimate cause i use it.

    my other specs -

    nvidia Gtx 260
    full tower case
    huntkey 700W smps
    7.1 speakers
    650gb western digital harddisk

    so far i can play games without out lag but Gta 4 i need a good processor than dual core

    what more do you need
  7. Well, as far as the INTEL stuff goes, you're gonna need a popular (best cust rating) gaming board, proc, and memory.

    1) The following list is socket 1156 motherboards which has been sorted by the bestest/mostest good ratings. Choose one of the 1st 10 (or so) boards, from this list. (one of the mobos with 5 star rating)

    2) Then, once you/we see what mobo you choose, we will look at those specs, and pick out a mem kit with (prolly) 2 sticks of 2GB each (or more). Those kits are usually listed in the combo deals (or "cust also bought") for that particular mobo.

    3) Last, you are going to need one of these (or higher)

    I can point you in the right direction ... looks like all you need is:
  8. Intel BOXDH55HC LGA 1156 Intel H55 HDMI ATX Intel Motherboard

    this looks good

    and i really want to know what is good for gaming i5 or quad or amd phenom X4

    and i have already 2 ddr3 2gb rams kingston 1333
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