1055T Wont overclock

Well, Im trying to overclock my CPU to get some more juice out of the processor before i change it. Anyway the problem is that my 1055t Wont Boot up to windows if my processor speed is anything more than 3.0Ghz it just says, while booting up that my PC wont boot because a overclocking fail and it doesnt match with H/W (whatever H/W means)
So, What i did was raise the FSB to 225, Taking me to 3.0Ghz, Disabled AMD cool n quiet, Disabled C1E support, Then changed my frequencies of Memory clock as close as possible to where they started BEFORE the overclock, Which in this case was 1333, And also changed the HT link to the closest to stock frequencies, Which in stock was 1600. Anyways i think its my motherboard that is causing this problem. I read that i should also increase a little bit the voltage on my Phenom X6 because sometimes they need a voltage increase for overclocking, Bit i have tried the same overclock without applying more voltage.
These are my specs:
CPU:X6 1055t processor 2.8 Ghz stock
GPU: Nvidia GTX 550ti
RAM: Ripjaws G.Skill 8gb (2 4gb sticks)
FAN:Ice blade Deep cool

So, I hope you guys can help me out, Im also willing to try AMD overdrive since i could overclock with it and get rid of that bios thing that prevents me from getting past 3.0ghz Barrier.
Thanks in advance
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  1. what's your motherboard...
  2. Lol sorry forgot to put my mobo, Its a GM-880GM-USB3
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