I have a new 120g corsair ssd i planned to get running today, so i plugged it in and starting installing windows everything was going smooth till i came back to check on things and the install froze? i decided my only option was to reset but when i did only thing to happen was "Loading operating system... BOOTMGR is missing Press ctrl alt del to restart". Tried resetting a few times and realized i screwed something up. Now my only option was plugging back in my hard drive to trouble shoot the situation and then of course now when i run my normal setup(old hard drive w/ windows 7) it is starting to load windows then crashing. i changed any bios settings i changed for ssd back to normal and tried "repairing"windows but nothing is working. How did me aborting a windows install on the ssd mess up my hard drive when it wasnt even plugged in!? Can anyone please please tell me there is a quick fix or maybe even someone with enough knowledge to walk my thru this?
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  1. Well if the install wasn't done its not a good install and you cant use windows. Just reinstall.
  2. Yes just reinstall... disconnect your HDD and with just the SSD connected boot off of the windows DVD and I would delete your old partition and repartition durring the install prosses.
  3. the issue is i was doing a clean install on the ssd, so my hard drive wasnt even connected and now i am denied access to both.when the ssd is plugged in i go to the boot menu and boot from the windows cd it still turns up the message "Loading operating system... BOOTMGR is missing Press ctrl alt del to restart". I now cannot use my pc at all because my windows on the hard drive is screwed too for w/e reason. I cannot just reinstall, it will not allow me. How can i just reinstall, i feel like im missing something. Another thing that came to mind is the windows cd i got is from a tech friend, can i only use this copy on 1 drive? When i was installing windows on the ssd i didnt even get to enter a windows authentication code so i dont think this is the issue, but it just seems odd that a failed install on the ssd would cause my windows on my hdd to crash when it was not even connected during the ssd issuee!? Please can someone point me in the right direcion...i wish i could just "reinstall" :(
  4. AH HA afther after going to boot menu i noticed i was booting from cd rom not cd/dvd, i got it lodding agan but one last issue i noticied was when i did start this re install i noticed there were files left behind from the failed install i didnt want to delete either of the 2 showing partitions for fear of more issues so when i started install it said old files wil be stored as windows.old any info on how to delete this when windows is done installing would be great
  5. you will see on the c: windows.old it will be safe to delete
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