22" + 5770 + what else?

I am getting a 22", probably the Asus VW224U for about $150 after rebate on newegg since it's such a good deal. I am most probably getting a Powercolor 5770 1gb, just b/c of the deal I could get, and also a new PSU (500w probably). Here is the problem. I know I have get a new processor (not sure which to get). Should I really get a new mobo too? This is turning into a complete build at this point. Here is what I have:

Mobo: Factory HP Asus A8M2N-LA
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core 2.2 4200+
Memory: 2 gb ddr2 533 pc2-4200 ( I just bought 2 x 512mb to get me 3gb total since I have 32bit and that is all it can support - did not decide to upgrade to 667 pc2-5300, but does it really matter???)

Later on, say a year or so away, I would like to get a case, mobo and RAM upgrade to go along with my GPU, new PSU and monitor. I do not want to have to do all that now.

I just found out that my motherboard is AM2, and the processor I listed to buy is AM3. Not compatible?

My questions:
1. Do I NEED to get a new mobo (which, if so, would suffice)?
2. Should I have gotten the max RAM upgrade? 3 gb pc2-5330 @ 667 would max me out with my current mobo?
3. Mid-range processor (AMD Athlon II X2 250 Regor 3.0GHz) or something slightly more powerful?
4. New monitor + new GPU + new PSU + 1gb more standard RAM...what am I missing to include?

This is mostly for 1-3 hours of gaming, everyday to every other day.

OH, and I ran CPUID if you need any info from that.

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  1. AM2 mobos will NOT work with AM3 CPU's, you need a AM2+ mobo.
    3GB of RAM should be plenty for now.
    A 5770 will get bottlenecked by the 4200+, in fact I wouldn't buy anything over a 5570, I have a E4500 (C2D, 2.2GHz), and that bottlenecks a 4670.
    A C2D 2.2GHz is around an Athlon X2 at 2.6GHz, so you would probably even bottleneck a 4650.
    Basicly go for a 4650/4670.
  2. So, my options are keep the motherboard and get a 4 series *or* get a new mobo to support a 5770? I would probably need to upgrade my ram then, right?

    If I keep the mobo and go for the 4670, it wouldn't support the res on the 22" I plan on getting though I thought.
  3. Depends on the games you want to play. If your games are Mass Effect, Crysis, etc, then you'll need new motherboard/CPU/RAM. If you play Counter-Strike source, etc, then you're fine.

    I recommend something like a $65 785G MOBO, a phenom II x2 550 for $100, and 2GB of DDR2 dual-channel 800/1066 for $40. Expensive, but you won't have any issues with your 5770.
  4. Micro atx? I was gonna get a new mid-tower case, probably the Antec Three Hundred or the Cooler Master 690, both are atx. Any reason for the micro recommendation?
  5. Any PCI-E 1.1 mobo should support a 5770, I don't know why you think you need a mobo upgrade to support a 5770.
    I don't see a single micro ATX recommendation here.
    Also guess what? Micro ATX fits in ATX.
  6. Sabot, stop acting like a complete bitch to people, seriously.

    Also, guess what? MATX has a problem with larger graphics cards because some boards have other things in the way (SATA ports, etc).

    @lithp, if you're going to buy a new case, might as well start with a new system.
  7. How am I being a bitch? Perhaps use some less vulgar words.
    Anyways, with that current CPU, I wouldn't get anything over a 5570, in fact, I would grab a cheap 4650/4670.

    The 4670 supports all resolutions DVI-Dual Link supports (up to 2560x1600@120Hz)

    This is your mobo:

    To answer OP's questions:
    1. You do not NEED to get a new mobo
    2. 667MHz might give you 0-5 more FPS in a game, however a GPU/CPU matters more
    3. AM2 does not support AM3 CPU's, your mobo supports up to a Athlon 64 X2 5000+

    I would get this:
    785G mobo, $99 - Pricey, however this is full ATX & from the pictures does not block a long GFX card.


    2.8GHz, 2 cores, $56




    While this is the 630 at 2.8GHz, with only 2 dollars separating it from the 2.6GHz 620 I couldn't recommend the latter.


    4850, quite powerful, this won't stay at this price for long.


    5750, roughly the same performance as 4850 (maybe slightly less)


    5770, 4870's are rare now.

    All the CPU's/GPU's are recommended from cheapest to more expensive.
  8. Only mobo I saw for $65 was a 785G by ASRock and its a matx, all the other atx 785G's are $80+, hence the assumption of matx. No big deal. And if I get a matx, it has one less pci slot, and the two pci's available will most probably be covered up by the gpu...leaving no room for my cisco ethernet adapter. So, matx would have crapped on me.

    The new powercolor 5770 I just won on ebay 10 minutes ago is 1gb instead of 512, but I won it for 150 with shipping, which is $16 less than newegg's price, and about the same price as the 512, figured it was a deal. If I decide to duel monitor, the extra memory might be needed, guess it was worth it.

    I was looking at that exact CPU, and the mobo you said seems like the right choice as well.
  9. Shadow's point is valid, most of the cheaper 785G mobos block a long GFX card, for the extra $25 there's a lot of quality.
    The 5770 you got is a good deal.

    For the CPUs get the best you can afford.
  10. I recently just upgraded my inspiron 531s that had amdx2 4000+ 2gb ddr2 667 radeon hd2400 and the asus dell motherboard, I was planning on building a new computer but instead I decided to work with what I have, I took the Micro atx motherboard out and purchased a thermaltake supranors case, I put the 2gb into my brothers computer and got 4x1gb ddr800 and a 9800GT EE after getting a new psu of course, All I can say is the machine you have is still worthwhile if you know how to shop for the right parts so dont give up on it if you can work on it yourself, what I would do is get 2gb ddr800 over 3gb ddr2 667 because the 3gb wont perform as good because it wont run dual channel, correct me if im wrong, but take it easy if I am lol.. I am new to this.

    Anyway if you are on a budget pick up a AMD X2 6000+ for like 50$ I had to get a X2 5600+ because I didnt want to have to flash my bios and take that risk in order for the 6000 to work. Basically I would recommend that you get a new cpu, ram and a radeon 4650 or 9800GT EE for 99.99, it does better then the 4650 and is around the same price and you dont need a pci-e 6 pin connector and you can run it fine with any 400-450 watt psu that's not a peice of $h1t and its just a bit more money then the 4650

    I know my spelling sucks.
  11. vexun11: Well, I already have the 5770, thanks though for the info. I'm probably going to get a faster RAM than 667..that would go with my current stock asus mobo from '06, not a new mobo I'm getting. Plus, getting 64bit XP will allow me to use 4gb+. I don't know why people are using win7 right now when they haven't created drivers for some products to use it.

    I've been reading that there are some c3/c2 compatibility between the amd 955 and the asus M4A79XTD mobo, both of which I want to get. For one, I have no way of telling if either is c3/c2 (what does they mean?!), and I have looked on both sites for specs. It seems Asus, in Jan '10, revised their phenom II x4 boards with the c3 but I don't know for sure. One guy advised to not purchase a c3 processor with this board for that reason. Apparently this is a problem for some...I just figured they would click together instantly.

    And BIOS...I've read a lot about flashing BIOS problems. I have no idea why I would have to do that, but if I do, please let me know...not necessarily how to do it, but if I will/should even encounter this problem. My components I'm looking at are new products, came out around the same time and should not need flashing-of-the-BIOS I thought.

    I figured most of these products, installed correctly, of course, would POST and work with no hiccups.

    Keep in mind...this is my first build and I was WAY behind the times until about 2 months ago when I started researching all of this. A lot to take in.
  12. besides a new CPU and more ram

  13. If your GPU is a single-slot, get this combo: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.334252


    That CPU is perfectly find for an HD5770 (Especially when OC'd about 400mhz), and the MOBO is great too, by the looks of it.
  14. The RAM will run in dual channel as it's 2x1 GB & 2x 512MB (not 3 x 1GB).
    You won't notice much of a difference upgrading from DDR2-667 even to DDR2-1066, maybe a couple frames.
  15. I have noticed quite a difference going from 2GB 667 to 4gb 800 but mabey thats because I doubled the ram, but in benchmarks its a lot great and fps in games seems a bit higher. Id go with the faster ram if its not too much money.

    good luck
  16. now thats a good deal. I wanna order that now lol
  17. How about going on Novatech and looking at the £159.99 (Proud to be English) AMD Phenom II X3 2.7GHZ triplecore, 4gb ram, MCP61P mobo bundle
  18. your making me want to upgrade, i just put together a amdx2 5600 4gb ddr2 9800gt build for like 300$ now I wanna get somethen better lol, how much do u think I could get a quad core, with sli mobo and get another 9800gt, how much u think the mobo and cpu would run me
  19. You need an AMD CPU with an ATI card. That'll be the cheapest/best way for you.

    Athlon II x2 -> $55
    Some AM3 Mobo with PCI-E slot (probably going to be mATX) -> $50
    HD4770 -> $90
    Some PSU with a PCI-E (6-pin) connector -> $40
    Some 2GB (1x1GB) DDR2 1066/800mhz RAM -> $45
    Some 4GB (2x2GB) 1066/800mhz RAM -> $80
    Windows_7_64-bit -> $110

    Totals: $280
    Totals: $425 (64-BIT OS + 4GB RAM)
  20. jyjjy: Since I've never built, I could be wrong, but looking at that mobo in the combo, it seems like my gpu will cover up one of those pci slots, if not two, or at least make it very compact. I need one slot open for my ethernet adapter, and if I get anything else that would need a slot, I wouldn't be able to use it since it is covered up. Again, I could be wrong, it's just a fear of mine to dive into the mATX market for that reason.
  21. There's also what looks like a heatsink that would block casing on a larger card.
  22. Your card is surely 2 slot and not 3, one PCI port should still be free.
    That heatsink is lower than the PCIe port and isn't going to block anything.
  23. Ah. I looked at the MB from a horizontal view, and it appeared to popup higher.
  24. sabot00 said:
    AM2 mobos will NOT work with AM3 CPU's, you need a AM2+ mobo.
    3GB of RAM should be plenty for now.
    A 5770 will get bottlenecked by the 4200+, in fact I wouldn't buy anything over a 5570, I have a E4500 (C2D, 2.2GHz), and that bottlenecks a 4670.
    A C2D 2.2GHz is around an Athlon X2 at 2.6GHz, so you would probably even bottleneck a 4650.
    Basicly go for a 4650/4670.

    woah woah woah now. AM3 can run in some AM2 boards, just not all, it depends on whether or not the vendor decided to give an updated bios to allow it to run. Though given it is ASUS, probably not. Also there some groups of people who have been getting these processor to work with just the latest bios, search around, you never know what you may find

    more than likely you may not be able to get it working, and in that case i wouldn't recommend getting the best processor for your current baord, it would be more advantageous to buy a new board/cpu (you can get AM3 on AM2+ and re-use the DDR2 memory)
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