Connecting two CPU fans to the MOBO

So, I succumbed to cyber Monday and bought a cooler master hyper 212 plus ( because, well, why not. I wanted to add a second fan to do the whole push pull thing because again, why not. I have a couple questions regarding this setup.

1. Is a push pull system really that much better?

2. When getting a second fan, does it need to match the specs of the fan included in the unit (600 - 2000 RPM, 21.2 - 76.8 CFM )

3. If they aren't matched which on goes where? More airflow for the pull or the push?

4. How do you connect two fans to the MOBO? (GIGABYTE GA-970A One to the cpu fan (4pin) and the other to sys fan (4 pin)? Or get splitter and put them both on the cpu fan?

I fell like my cpu is running hot, as my values are 37c min and 60c max (Prime 95) with my haf 912 (my fan setup will probably be a whole other topic of discussion)

As always, thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. Yes, pushpull is decently better
    Yes, fans should be matched for optimal results
    See above
    one to each socket will be fine, set fan control to auto in bios
    your lowest temp there is very much dependant on your ambient temperature, but things like seating the Hs properly with the right amount of paste make for a difference as well,
    and yes, case airflow is important to monitor/tune also
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