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When i turn on the computer i first get the intel matrix screen for my raid setup. Then it goes to the asus screen where it gives me a SATA6 error (which is fine) because theres nothing wrong with it, so at this point im frantically hitting f8 and esc and other keys trying to get to the boot selection menu so i can boot a usb drive. sometimes it works and brings up the menu but 98% of the time it doesnt. Am i doing something wrong?
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    Have you tried hitting the F8 key once the first screen shows up? It sounds like you are waiting a tab bit to late and it completes it's boot cycle into Windows.
  2. I tried that, but still no cigaro. Maybe im pressing the wrong bottom? I have no idea.
  3. Are you just looking for the boot menu or BIOS? For BIOS, it would be the 'DEL' key on the number pad. I'll have to look for the boot menu key... I thought it was F8 too :)
  4. Im just looking for boot menu, i already know how to boot bios.
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  6. I finally figured it out, you were right the first time. I had to hit it immediately before the intel matrix even pops up, before theres anything on the screen. Thanks for the help!
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