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New Computer has SSD and Normal HD

So I just bought a new custom built computer, and i have a SSD drive for my OS, now i've never used a SSD in my life and was wondering how i should use it properly, my friend told me it's for the OS and Programs, but i've installed close to all the programs i use daily and i have 25GB left on the SSD (acting as C:/ Drive)

Should i be installing my programs on my Normal Hard Drive? i feel like i'm going to run out of space, but at the same time i don't want to lose the SSD performance. Below is the current drives i have installed;

117GB Corsair Force 3 SSD (SATA-SSD)
977GB Seagate ST31000524AS (SATA)

I do plan on adding an additional 2-4 500GB HD's as soon as i move all the files from them to my new desktop and format the drives, any additional help, or what i should do is greatly appreciated.
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    Yes, install applications (like Office for example) on your HDD and not the SSD. Only install apps on the SSD where speed is of the essence (like games). Also, consider moving your documents folder from the C (SSD) to HDD.
  2. ok thanks, appreciate the quick response
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  4. also for anyone else who's doing this changing default installation path helps a lot because if ur like me u just spam install *** and forget to change directories lol
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