HD Model: Seagate ST31000524AS 32MB 6.0GB Sata 7200 RPM.
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
RAM: 16 GB (1333 mhz)
CPU: AMD FX-4100 Quad. (OC - 4060)
PSU: 700 W Coolmaster
Video: Nvidia GeForce 450 Series

MB: MSI 970A-G45

Fans - 1x 120mm (front), 1x120 mm (Back)

At first when I build my computer, it hasn't bothered me - however, I had this feeling something was a bit off. Couple of days ago, there seemed to be just a bit of lag. I loaded SeaTools; Short Test Passed, Long Test didn't. Acoustic Test Passed. The Long Test seemed to crash and spit out where Numbers and letters. Why is that? Is this normal?

So, I finally decided to wipe everything from the hard drive putting everything back to 0. I made a new partion in DiscWizard. I installed Windows back on. I set the pagefile size to (24 GB x 1.5).

Here's the benchmark from HD Tune

0 Bad sectors found. No viruses found. -1.0 CPU Usage? What the world is that about? I've looked at other benchmark and it was using more than 1.0 CPU Usage.

Memory tests came out clean. Computer is quiet, all Fans running. CPU Fan less than 3000 RPM if that's the right number. CPU Temp is < 40 C. Hard Disk Temp < 30 C.

So, I'm on my last thread of hair. Practically going bald here. Help is required before a couple of days because I am buying a new upgrade - just don't know what part to replace. This is why I joined here; so you can steer me in the right direction. I know for a fact, those bench mark numbers are silly. If I'm wrong then I'm wrong and possibly going crazy. So, thanks for the quick replies.
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  1. Wait was it the problem? The CPU usage is probably a software problem.

    Just because your using the SATA 6Gb port doesn't mean your HDD will completely fill out the bandwidth of a SATA 6Gb port.

    Most HDD's top out around 130-160MB/sec sustained reads so your HDD speed is quite normal.

    You would need an SSD (SATA 3.0/6Gb) to fill out your SATA 6Gb connection.
  2. Yeah, I looked at other benchmarks and compared. I could clearly see now it was acting normal. Maybe, I'm just Upgrade Happy! lol! :) Thanks for awesome reply. I would get a SSD. however - it's just too expensive.
  3. Haha well don't worry about synthetic benchmarks....unless you have a serious issue. Otherwise, enjoy your system!
  4. SSDs are worth every penny. A mechanical hard drive will be lucky to break 100 MB/s on a file transfer, and only when the data is sequential, not fragmented and at the edge of the platter. Doesn't happen often.

    They also have abysmal seek times compared to an SSD, so your random reads and writes happen way faster. This is what you'll feel most, because programs load instantly (doesn't have to sit around waiting to find all the files it needs), Windows boots faster (<10 seconds on my machine after a fresh install) and the boosted throughput will make large operations like game loads crazy fast.

    Oh, and it does all this while emitting no noise whatsoever. SSDs are just awesome like that.
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